Is outlet tenancy the magic pill?

Published: March 2015

“The whole industry is moving closer to population centers.”
– Josh Podell, Podell Real Estate Advisors

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Retail Tenant Appetite Grows

Published: April 18, 2013 09:59am ET

NEW YORK CiTY-Josh Podell, who heads Podell Real Estate Advisors and gives tenants such as Jones Apparel his insights into vacant space in the market, says that retailers are looking for space at a more rapid rate than they were in the past. He spoke with us here before a recent Marcus & Millichap retail event.

Podell also touched on:

  • The types of retailers that are looking for space.
  • How relationships have gone with retail real estate landlords.
  • His expectations for the upcoming ICSC RECon show.

Risky Retail Bet in Manhattan Turns Rosy

Published: February 28, 2012

Eight years after the glittering mall at the Time Warner Center opened, it is clear that, while it may be a stretch to say its long-term place in Manhattan is assured, the gamble of opening a five-level indoor shopping center in street-centered New York is paying off. Read More…

Flip Flop Chain Looks For Help In Expanding Its Footprint

Aug 22, 2011 1:56 PM

Now that the real estate market has reached a measure of equilibrium between landlords and tenants, some retailers feel it’s time to invest in more sophisticated brokerage services. Read More…

The malls are all right

Economic downturn, but things still look good from center court
January 01, 2011 07:00AM

The frenzy of the holiday shopping season is winding down, but malls across the region don’t expect a holiday hangover. Read More….

Analysis: Blockbuster bankruptcy no surprise to landlords

Fri Jul 23, 2010

“This is not a surprise,” said Josh Podell, president Podell Real Estate Advisors LLC, which helps retailers find store locations.”….Read More

– Josh Podell
President and Chief Executive
Podell Real Estate Advisors

Analysis: General Growth step-sister may be a beauty, someday

Fri Jul 23, 2010

“The diversity of the assets, both geographically and by type, makes it more likely the properties will be sold individually, said Josh Podell, president and chief executive of Podell Real Estate Advisors, which finds locations for retailers”….Read More

– Josh Podell
President and Chief Executive
Podell Real Estate Advisors

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